The United States Needs To Hit Rock Bottom Before Its Rebirth and Restoration

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Articles

We are familiar with the term “rock bottom” regarding a person reaching a tipping point on emotional issues. Reaching the bottom, and recognizing it as such, serves as the catalyst for bouncing back to a better place. Our governing leadership is not in a “good place” now: the attack upon the rule of law, the spread of propaganda, the destruction of truth, and dictator-like behavior all threaten life as we’ve always known it.

Right now, in late 2019, our federal government is not the guiding beacon of the world concerning moral and principled leadership, ethics, consistency of policy, and the fostering of a humane and productive society. The impeachment effort is showing great respect for our Constitution’s mandates, but the effort is undertaken by only one segment of one branch of government: it’s not a full consensus-backed move, unfortunately.

Our nation likely needs to reach an emotional rock bottom as a catalyst for bouncing back to a period of healthy growth, transitioning us back to a respectable American constitutional democracy. This is a psychosocial concept that I think applies to the direction of the country and how we think and act collectively, as a people.

Unfortunately, if we are not there yet – and I don’t think we are – there’s likely to be more ugliness ahead. We may need, sadly, to continue down a path of self-destruction until American voters wake up to the reality that they must fully participate in our democracy to reverse our downward spiral. The national dialogue is not noise: it’s a wake up call.